Bottle Sampling Units

If particle counting is not possible directly on your system, you can use the LasPaC-II bottle sampling unit to extract oil samples for subsequent analysis. Fluids which contain a large amount of air cannot be measured correctly. To remedy this, the bottle sampling units are equipped with a vacuum pump which can remove air from the oil sample. STAUFF offers bottle sampling units for the LasPaC-II particle counter in two sizes: 110 ml and 500 ml.

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Bottle Sampling Units

If a direct particle count on your system is not possible, the LasPaC-II bottle sampler units allow you to take measurement samples for analysis at a later time. A highly aerated fluid may lead to inaccurate results; therefore a de-aeration process has been incorporated into the bottle sampling  units. By evacuating the air from the sampling chamber, aeration within the fluid is removed, and the fluid is properly conditioned prior to sampling.
STAUFF offers two sizes of bottle sampling units for the LasPaC-II devices: the 110 ml and the 500 ml units. 

The 110 ml unit is supplied in an extra case including various accessories such as power supply, sampling hoses, pressure hoses, bottles (sample and waste) and adaptors. It is designed for mobile applications and is only compatible with Mineral Oil and Petroleum based fluids. 

The standard version of the 500 ml unit is compatible with Mineral Oil and Petroleum based fluids; a Phosphate Ester (e.g. Skydrol®) compatible version of the 500 ml unit is available on request. Please contact STAUFF for details. 

The 500 ml bottle sampling unit is delivered with the required power supply. Please note that the moisture / temperature sensor does not work in combination with bottle sampler devices.

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