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STAUFF Components for Hydraulic Systems in Lifting and Conveying Machinery and Equipment

Application Specialist for Mobile Applications

Application Specialist for Mobile Applications

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Industrial trucks and their attachments are equipped with a large number of hydraulic components. Forklifts with combustion engines or electric motors, for example, have a high power density and are therefore equipped with hydraulic systems which control the work functions and move the load handling attachments. Lifting loads while moving them is a task that has to be executed with maximum safety, precision and diligence. Otherwise there is a risk for life and limb, especially in case of suspended loads. Maximum quality and compliance with the legal requirements are imperative for the components used.

The companies in the STAUFF Group offer manufacturers of crane systems and vehicles for in-house material transport as well as their suppliers, sub-suppliers and service providers an extensive range of original STAUFF products, some of which were specially developed for these complex applications or adapted and optimised continuously.

The portfolio includes hydraulic line components such as tube clamps and hose clamps, tube connectors including powerful assembly machines, flanges, hose fittings and couplings as well as filters, measuring equipment and other accessories for tank, container, drive unit and gearbox manufacturing for mobile hydraulics. These products from in-house development and manufacturing can be supplied all over the world at competitive prices and with a high level of availability from stock. STAUFF branches and a close network of authorised sales and system partners provide often unrivalled fast deliveries – precisely to any location worldwide.

The range is completed by countless special variants and system solutions, which are implemented based on customer requirements or in-house developments.

In addition to a long service life, optimum performance and easy application and assembly, STAUFF products particularly impress with the following features, which are particularly important for OEMs in the field of lifting and conveying equipment:

  • Robust, particularly impact-resistant design that resists even the strongest mechanical strains
  • High resistance to environmental factors such as extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations, humidity, UV and ozone
  • Compact, space-saving and lightweight design which contributes to weight optimisation and lowering of the energy consumption
  • Distinct vibration resistance, leak-proof design and tightness
  • High resistance to static operating pressures, usually around 200 bar (beyond 400 bar for high-tech machines), and permanent resistance to dynamically changing pressure loads, pressure surges and pressure peaks

STAUFF products for use within hydraulic lines are increasingly being developed with a uniform, coordinated quality and design. A large part of the range manufactured from steel features the high-grade STAUFF zinc/nickel finish. This ensures reliable corrosion protection which – even after transport, processing and assembly of the components – far exceeds the previous market standards, while also meeting all currently applicable legal requirements. The high-quality appearance supports the positive overall impression of the machines.

The product range is completed with a large spectrum of possible additional services which create measurable added value for customers, such as in the areas of application consulting, configuration, optimisation, assembly and kitting as well as customised labelling and packaging. You can also contact STAUFF about individually tailored supply models for optimising material flow, from stockpiling of customised items and Kanban logistics to just-in-time delivery straight to customers' assembly lines.

With the STAUFF Line concept, STAUFF offers mechanical engineering companies and line builders delivery of individual components for original equipment, as well as the option of procuring individually tailored hydraulic lines, assembled ready for installation, and complex line systems from connection to connection.

As a true one-stop supplier, the company allows customer to gain cost advantages in procurement by reducing the number of suppliers, bundling orders and shipments, reducing stock for individual items, reducing assembly times and increasing assembly reliability by avoiding assembly errors.

STAUFF products are not only ideal for OEM use, though. They are also a convincing solution for the maintenance, repair, overhaul and servicing of lifting and conveying equipment.

Increase the economic efficiency and performance of your lifting and conveying equipment with fluid technology components, systems and added-value services from STAUFF. Let us convince you.

Typical areas of application for STAUFF products

From vehicle cranes and slewing tower cranes, telescopic loaders and forklifts to work platforms and lifting platforms.

Gallery with a selection of machines and systems from the field of lifting and conveying in which STAUFF hydraulic components are typically already used as original equipment by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer):

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Selection of most relevant products and product categories for Material Lifting and Handling Equipment

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