STAUFF Slogan in General

Introduction of the STAUFF slogan in general

The new tagline „Connect with STAUFF” will gradually replace the previous tagline “Contributing to your success” from the beginning of March 2023 on. As part of this transition, it will be introduced at main global events such as Conexpo/Conagg-IFPE in March 2023 and Hanover Fair in April 2023.

„Connect with STAUFF” is not only an open invitation to make contact with STAUFF.

The new tagline is obviously also a direct reference to STAUFF Connect – currently the fastest growing product group at STAUFF – and the complete STAUFF range of hydraulic connectors including quick release couplings, hose connectors, flanges etc. It can also be linked with STAUFF Clamps – historically still the largest product group at STAUFF – which securely connect pipes, tubes, hoses and other components to mobile and industrial machinery and equipment.

All these components are an integral and essential part of the STAUFF Line approach proving hydraulic and fluid power port-to-port solutions (in terms of providing connections from port to port).

In addition to that, there are multiple other meanings that can be used as an explanation for the new tagline „Connect with STAUFF”.

General Guidelines for Use

  • If possible, the tagline should always be used together with the established STAUFF Logo, preferably not right next to it but with a reasonable space / distance between both elements.
  • For the versions of the tagline with two lines, the total height should be equal the total height of the established STAUFF Logo.
  • For the versions of the tagline with a single line, the total height should be equal the height of the letters STAUFF in the established STAUFF Logo.
  • The tagline can only be used in English language and should not be translated.

The tagline is provided in various different standard formats. These can be downloaded from this page. Please do not change the files provided here.