STAUFF Form EVO Tube Forming System

General overview of the STAUFF Form EVO tube forming system

STAUFF Form EVO Tube Forming System

Machine-Assisted Forming of Tube Ends in Hydraulics

Safe, reliable and economical alternative to welding and flaring of pipes and tubes and to the use of conventional steel and stainless steel cutting ring fittings in hydraulics and fluid power applications

The STAUFF Form tube forming system was first presented in 2015. Since the beginning it has undoubtedly been one of the most efficient solutions available on the market for connecting metric tubes. In addition to its simplicity, it convinces with a high degree of safety, reliability and reproducibility.

With STAUFF Form EVO, STAUFF now presents the latest generation of the tube forming system, which is characterised by an increased level of efficiency and versatility as a result of continuous optimisation.

STAUFF Form EVO has been designed as standard for seamless cold-drawn precision steel tubes as well as stainless steel tubes with dimensions between 6 x 1.5 mm and 42 x 4 mm in the Light Series and between 6 x 1.5 mm and 38 x 6 mm in the Heavy Series.

If required, parameters for alternative materials are available upon request and can be added by the manufacturer or via the optional cloud connection module integrated in the machines.

Tube Forming Machines for Hire

STAUFF offers its customers the possibility to hire machines of the type SFO-F-A-A-IOT at attractive conditions. The temporary hire of tube forming machines, e.g. for working on specific projects and orders, not only offers an increased level of flexibility, but also provides a significant reduction in the investment for the user.

Customer Testimonials

Oswald Hauser, Head of the Mechanical Systems Division at Kraftwerke Linth-Limmern AG

Changing to STAUFF Form EVO is an important technical step for us and a also benefit with regard to work processes, reliable assembly and maintenance effort.

Detailed Application Story in the STAUFF Blog on the Use of STAUFF Form EVO in the Limmern Pumped Storage Plant in Switzerland

Jernej Pisnik, Future Managing Director of the Slovenian Hydraulic Service Provider Pisnik

We have been working in close partnership with STAUFF for many years and know: We can rely on the machines and every single component of the forming system. The system is safe, easy to assemble and now, with STAUFF Form EVO, we are also absolutely competitive in terms of price.

Interview with Jernej Pisnik in the STAUFF Blog

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