STAUFF Logo in General

Introduction of the STAUFF logo in general

STAUFF Logo in General

Main Elements

The STAUFF Logo essentially consists of five main elements:

  1. The symbolised STAUFF clamp that forms the letter S in black colour.
  2. The word STAUFF in capital letters and black colour.
  3. The frame in black colour.
  4. The registered trademark symbol in black colour.
  5. The white background behind all other elements.

The use of the white background for the entire STAUFF Logo including the registered trademark symbol is mandatory.


The only two accepted colours for the STAUFF Logo are Black and White as defined here.

Dimensions and Aspect Ratio

The original height of the STAUFF Logo is 20 mm.

The minimum height of the STAUFF Logo typically is 5 mm.

The aspect ratio (width to height) as pictured here (without the registered trademark symbol) is 4,26 to 1.


Protected Area

The minimum distance of the STAUFF Logo to the edge of print media or other objects depends on the size of the logo.

As a general rule, a minimum distance measuring half the height of the symbolised STAUFF clamp must be maintained both above and below the STAUFF Logo as a protected area. A minimum distance measuring half the width of the symbolised STAUFF clamp must also be maintained to the left and right of the STAUFF Logo. The registered trademark symbol sits within the protected area.


There are no general rules or guidelines regarding the correct positioning of the STAUFF Logo, e.g. in the top-left or top-right corner of a printed item.

However, please note that templates are available for the most common uses.